The Salads of San Juan City

San Juan City is quite big on clean living – clear waters and fresh air. However, there is one secret of San Juan which promotes clean living to a whole new level.

Husband-and-wife team Jan and Robbie Celestial have been creating a menu of fresh salads and delivering them from free around San Juan City.

Their menu comprises of Kani Salad (with generous helpings of crabstick and dollops of Japanese mayonnaise) and Mango Dilis (tomato, cucumber and lettuce sprinkled with dilis) which comes with a sweet-tangy dressing, each for only sixty pesos.

20130702_082328                                                         (above) Kani Salad

20130627_064904                                                        (above) Mango Dilis

The menu also includes Catfish Salad and Taco Salad for only 65 pesos each.

20130715_065119                                                            (above) Taco Salad

The salads are available for pre-order with customers texting Jan at least the night before at 09228603929. In order to ensure the freshness of the salads, they are delivered in a cooler by 9 am and each order is labeled with the name of the customer. As of August 2013, the couple are considering adding more salads and venturing into sandwiches.

So in San Juan City, healthy living entails eating right – or at least starting the day right with light yet delectable salads.


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