A Taste of Greece in San Juan

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Instagram has featured the interior of Greeka Kouzina, located at 285 P. Guevarra, San Juan City. One can see the delightful aura of this cosy little restaurant – which can quickly fill up when it’s open for lunch (11am-2pm) and dinner (starting at 6pm). Expect to wait 15 minutes to be served on a Friday evening as the restaurant does not take in reservations.

Greeka Kouzina may seem to be one of those hole-in-wall charming foodie restaurant but it actually rivals the pricier Greek restaurants in terms of the food:





Moussaka, béchamel-drizzled grilled eggplant and beef dish, is one of the restaurant’s more popular sidings. It melts in one’s mouth to a creamy decadence.




For the pasta lovers, this watercress pasta is a definite must-try – it is a perfect balance of texture and taste with parmesan sprinkled over fresh watercress and creamy noodles.




The lamb shoulder is one of Greeka Kouzina’s best-sellers. Served with a special blend of spice and a fine mashed potatoes, the lamb is very tender and cooked to perfection. The sauce makes for a perfect complement to the taste of the lamb. Priced at a moderate 495 Php, it is good for two and comes with a choice of siding such as the Moussaka and the Watercress Pasta.




For those who aren’t overly enthusiastic for lamb, the krasates or pork chops is a popular choice. Good for sharing, these pork chops are grilled to perfection served with blue cheese walnut and their signature gravy. Similar to the lamb shoulders, it is moderately priced at 450Php and also comes with a choice of one siding.




Now, if you think only adults can enjoy the more sophisticated palate of Greek food, have your kids try these Greeka Patates Tiganites – Greeka Poutine which is basically fries layered with signature gravy and feta cheese. You may want to order a second serving of these fries as you’ll probably try to sneak a fry or two from your child’s plate.

From a cozy ambience and a wide range of authentic yet contemporary food, Greeka Kouzina is a definite place to try out if you’re swinging by San Juan City. Or do make the effort to visit the city to sample the gems of this little restaurant.



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