The Quirky Bacon for a Quirky Christmas



Curiosity has gotten the better of us when “Curiosity Got the Chef” host Sharwin Tee opened his own restaurant to the tune of his favorite ingredient.

The restaurant at 192 Wilson st. San Juan serves as the tableau for Chef Tee’s quirky recipes, largely peppered with bacon and hence the name, “The Quirky Bacon.” It opened just last month, right in time for those intimate little reunions for family and friends which help perk up the Yuletide season.

BLT salad


Guests can begin their gastronomical adventure with the BLT salad – marinated pork belly topped with cherry tomatoes and drizzled with the sweet spiciness of lechon vinaigrette.


The guava glazed chicken wings is one of those titillating fusion dishes where your basic chicken wings are given an extra special twist with Chef Sharwin’s signature glaze and sour cream.



Chef Sharwin takes on what is arguably everyone’s favorite comfort food  and comes up with a fusion dish sprinkled with social awareness: hand-cut fries served with adobo gravy and fresh white cheese from the Gawad Kalinga Enchanted Farm.



Chef Sharwin also ushers in, not only his, but what could be the Philippine’s answer  to the cronut which has taken the world by storm this year: deep fried ensaymada dough, served with Horlicks ice cream and kesong puti from Bulacan.

A first glance at The Quirky Bacon’s menu tells you that the restaurant offers dishes that are familiar and well-loved but on closer scrutiny, one can find an enticing food trip in details and decor, in sauce and sense.



(all photos were taken from The Quirky Bacon’s Facebook page:



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